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SFETC Inc. SF Private and VIP Segway Tours
165 Jefferson Street Suite 2E
San Francisco CA 94133-1201

Wharf Location:

  • Segway Tours:  757 Beach Street San Francisco CA 94109  


Golden Gate Park Location:

  • 82 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive San Francisco, CA 94118

A little about us:

We have been offering guided Segway Tours in San Francisco since 2004. Our customers asked for a range of private and unique tours of the city and this company was born.

For over 26 years, our family-owned and operated tour and travel publication businesses have promoted the notion that no town in the world is as much fun as San Francisco.

The private tours offer an unusual way to experience the magic of San Francisco. Private group tours are for 2 to 8 guests with their own guide with an emphasis on a personal experience. Our VIP Experience tours are limited to 8 guests and offer Alcatraz Combos or our Hills and Crooked Street tour for experienced riders. VIP Experiences are not private tours.
No matter what type of tour you choose we know you’ll love the unforgettable thrill of gliding on a Segway on the hills or through the park. We are the only Segway company authorized and permitted to operate in Golden Gate Park.
Although we believe in showing you a good time, we also believe in keeping you safe. We have a commitment to “guest safety first” on all of our Segway tours.
Thanks for considering our company for a private or VIP experience tour.

 Aside from our sheer awesomeness, we’ve got a few things other companies don’t!

Amazing Tour Guides
Everyone knows a good tour guide makes the difference between an okay tour and an amazing one. Our passionate guides love what they do and are dedicated to making sure you have a blast!

Breathtaking Routes with Frequent Departures
Soaring views, exhilarating hills, famous sights—what more could you ask for? On our routes you’ll cruise the Waterfront, climb steep hills, learn the history of Little Italy, explore Chinatown alleys, and see the hidden sights of Golden Gate Park—all in a fraction of the time you’d spend walking.

We Know How to Train
Our one-on-one training reassures even the most anxious of guests; tours don’t leave until everyone is comfortable riding a Segway. Not a native English speaker? We offer training videos in 11 foreign languages!

Radio Headsets for Every Guest
Every guest receives a radio receiver and earbud, ensuring you’ll always hear what our tour guides have to say.

We Bundle You Up
Cold weather? Never fear! We offer snuggly jackets, hats, and gloves to keep you warm and happy.

We Take your Picture For Free!
Our guides snap pictures of you along the route and at stops throughout the city. We post all pictures to Facebook for you to enjoy and share.

It’s fun!
Embrace your inner geek. You won’t just see tourist attractions; you’ll be one!